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San Juan Islands Directory and Lieber Haven Resort and Marina
San Juan Islands, Washington State.
Pictures of wildlife and marine life often seen at Lieber Haven Resort and in the San Juan Islands.
Includes: Bald Eagle, Oystercatcher, Canadian Geese, Peregrine Falcon, Gulls, Harbor Seals, Dall Porpoise,
Orca Whales (Killer Whale) Minke Whales, Grey Whales and more.

picture of bald eagle perched in tree Eagles fishing in the San Juan Islands Eagle in full flight Eagle Fishing Close up picture of eagle perched on tree limb
View of eagle getting ready to pick something up. Eagle passing overhead. View of eagle catching fish, often seen in the San Juan Islands
Picture of Oystercatcher bird seen in San Juan Islands Seagull with spread wings. Dall Porpoise are found in the San Juan Islands Canadian Geese are often seen and heard in the San Juan Islands. View of Peregrine Falcon
Lieber Haven Resort at Obstruction Pass on Orcas Island is a popular birdwatching location, especialy bald eagles, blue herons and marine birds
Marine life viewing is also popular at the resort, you will see otters, seals, harbor seals and numerous underwater sea life.
Spring and summer dolphins, dall porpoise and Orca Whales pods often pass thru the bay, heading to the open waters of rosario strait.
View of Harbor Seal hauled out on rocks. Close up look!  Harbor Seal Face Harbor Seal on island basking in the sun. A whale of a Tail.
Orca Whales in Calm Waters, often seen off Orcas Island Picture of an Orca Whale Pod (Killer Whales)San Juan Islands. Orca Whales passing slowly .
Picture of Orca Whale breaching in cove. Orca Whale and Fishermen both fishing for salmon in the San Juan Islands
Pictures of San Juan Islands
Pictures of the San Juan Islands and Outer San Juan Islands Pictures

San Juan Islands National Wildlife Refuge, Nature Preserves.
Boats are allowed to pass near these refuges to observe the wildlife. Do not approach closer than 200 yards. Public access to the land itself is NOT permitted. A few of these locations are very popular for scuba diving in the San Juan Islands. Approx. 83 locations are a sanctuary for harbor seals, cormorants, puffins, oystercatchers and bald eagles. These islands, islets and rocks include Aleck Rocks, Bare Island, Barren Island, Bird Rock, Black Rock, Boulder Island, Brown Rock, Buck Island, Castle Island, Clements Reef, Colville Island, Crab Island, Davidson Rock, Eliza Rock, Flattop Island, Flower Island, Fortress Island, Four Bird Rocks, Gull Rock, Half Tide Rock, Hall Island, Harbor Rock, Lawson Rock, Little Sister Island, Nob Island, Parker Reef, Peapod Rocks, Pointer Island, Puffin Island, Rum Islands, Ripple Island, Sentinel Island, Shag Rock, Skipjack Island, Skull Island, Small Island, Swirl Island, The Sisters, Williamson Rocks, Tift Rocks, Turn Rock, Viti Rocks, White Rocks, and Willow Island.
San Juan Islands Marine Parks, Marine State Parks. Islands that you can go ashore, camp and/or picnic.
San Juan Islands Marine Parks

Lieber Haven Resort and Marina
Orcas Island Waterfront Lodging
Experience Orcas Island's natural beauty and unlimited activities from a unique vantage point.
Lieber Haven Resort and Marina offers waterfront lodging just steps away from the beach.
1 and 2 bedroom beachfront cottages, studios and rooms. We have 2 stores; a general store and a predominantly nautical antique store. We offer rowboat and kayak rentals for guests and Orcas Island visitors.
Orcas Island visitors are welcome to stop by.

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